The flower planters in Freeport make our city inviting

The Freeport Chamber takes pride in beautifying the streets of Freeport with 24 large concrete pots along the street. Flowers are planted in the spring, corn stalks or mums in the fall, and winter greens decorate the pots in the winter.

These decorations beautify our city and make it look more welcoming for both residents and visitors. We would like to thank the Pelican Peak 4-H club for volunteering to put together the seasonal decorations, and planting and watering the flowers all summer. This is a huge commitment on their part.

If you appreciate the flower pots, we are asking if your business, or you as an individual, would like to sponsor a pot(s) by donating $40.00 (per pot) towards this program. This covers the cost of the plants, dirt, decorations, etc. We have given the 4-H club an $800 budget this year. Extra funds over the cost will go towards replacing the planters that are breaking.

NEW for this year we will be offering you a chance to advertise for each flower pot you sponsor. We will be adding a small 3”x5” laminated card with your company logo. These will be placed randomly as flower pots are sponsored.

To participate, please download and fill out the Freeport Chamber Beautification Project form and send it to the Freeport Chamber, PO Box 162, Freeport, MN 56331. Make the check payable to Freeport Chamber of Commerce. Also email your logo to

Your donation towards this beautification project is greatly appreciated.